まず、ユーザーが最初に知っておくべきことは、ターミナルの基本的なコマンドです。 LinuxGUIはシェル上で実行されます。 GUIが実行されていないが、Shellが実行されている場合、Linuxは実行されています。シェルが実行されていない場合、何も実行されていません。 Linuxのコマンドは、シェルとの対話手段です。初心者の場合、基本的な計算タスクのいくつかは次のとおりです。

  1. View the contents of a directory : A directory may contains visible and invisible files with different file permissions.
  2. Viewing blocks, HDD partition, External HDD
  3. Checking the integrity of Downloaded/Transferred Packages
  4. Converting and copying a file
  5. Know your machine name, OS and Kernel
  6. Viewing history
  7. Being root
  8. Make Directory
  9. Make Files
  10. Changing the file permission
  11. Own a file
  12. Install, Update and maintain Packages
  13. Uncompressing a file
  14. See current date, time and calendar
  15. Print contents of a file
  16. Copy and Move
  17. See the working directory for easy navigation
  18. Change the working directory, etc…




  1. Finding a file in a given directory
  2. Searching a file with the given keywords
  3. Finding online documentation
  4. See the current running processes
  5. Kill a running process
  6. See the location of installed Binaries
  7. Starting, Ending, Restarting a service
  8. Making and removing of aliases
  9. View the disk and space usages
  10. Removing a file and/or directory
  11. Print/echo a custom output on standard output
  12. Changing password of on-self and other’s, if you are root.
  13. View Printing queue
  14. Compare two files
  15. Download a file, the Linux way (wget)
  16. Mount a block / partition / external HDD
  17. Compile and Run a code written in ‘C’, ‘C++’ and ‘Java’ Programming Language




  1. Configuring Network Interface
  2. Viewing custom Network Related information
  3. Getting information about Internet Server with customisable switches and Results
  4. Digging DNS
  5. Knowing Your System uptime
  6. Sending an occasional Information to all other logged-in users
  7. Send text messages directly to a user
  8. Combination of commands
  9. Renaming a file
  10. Seeing the processes of a CPU
  11. Creating newly formatted ext4 partition
  12. Text File editors like vi, emacs and nano
  13. Copying a large file/folder with progress bar
  14. Keeping track of free and available memory
  15. Backup a mysql database
  16. Make difficult to guess – random password
  17. Merge two text files
  18. List of all the opened files




今のところ私からは以上です。私はすぐに別のチュートリアルを考え出すでしょう、あなたの人々は通り抜けるのが大好きです。それまでお楽しみに! Tecmint.comにアクセスし続けてください。